Honoring the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Upholding the authority of Scripture.

Free turkey! Earn yours today!

Such was the advertisement I saw recently, typical of those designed to entice shoppers into a local supermarket prior to Thanksgiving Day. While I did not inquire as to the

The seduction of ‘social justice’ (part 3): Victimology

“Once individuals accept a ‘victim’ label, their lives become centered on this new identity.... Being a victim becomes all they have to think, talk or read about.”[1] –Clinical psychologist Dr.

The seduction of ‘social justice’ (part 2): Christianity and “race”

The very concept of “race” has more to do with biological evolution than it does to do with biblical anthropology. Since all men are descended from Adam and Eve, “race”

The seduction of ‘social justice’ (part 1): Repackaging the social gospel

Much has been written in response to the Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel since its release to the public on September 4th. For a document that articulates basic

Audio resources on 1689 federalism

Sam Renihan discusses the 17th century reformed Baptist federal theology and his new book, From Shadow to Substance: The Federal Theology of the English Particular Baptists (1642-1704) on the Regular

“Can we have peace with Rome?” video with Ryan Haines

“…Keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians. 4:3). Ryan Haines of The Gospel Training Ground was kind enough to ask me to join him in discussing

Ken Keathley and the cancer of compromise

Ken Keathley is at it again. His latest blog post, “The Extent of Noah’s Flood: the Geological Evidence (Part 1)”, is an excerpt from the book he coauthored with Mark

Book review: Better than the Beginning, by Richard Barcellos

Following is my review of Dr. Richard Barcellos' book, Better than the Beginning: Creation in Biblical Perspective (2013, Reformed Baptist Academic Press). The review was first published in the Creation Research Society

Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, Christianity, and Libertarianism

“Now as to the love of the brethren, you have no need for anyone to write to you, for you yourselves are taught by God to love one another; for

Fred Malone on the baptism of disciples alone

Pastor and theologian Fred Malone currently serves on the faculty at both Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary and the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies. He was recently interviewed by Chris Arnzen

Nothing new under the sun: Bill de Blasio, social justice, and the social gospel

PETER ROBINSON: “Why don’t the American people see through [elitist nonsense]? Isn’t that the fundamental bet that the Founders made, that voters…ultimately would see through nonsense?” THOMAS SOWELL: “Yes, but

Sam Waldron’s “Eschatology: The doctrine of last things”

In "And thus all Israel will be saved", I made mention of Dr. Sam Waldron's extensive work on the doctrine of eschatology and provided links to three of his books

A prayer for Christians to unite around: ‘No peace with Rome’

The following article is provided by Protestant Revival. Original post can be found here. The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity took up a significant part of ecclesiastical efforts in the mainstream

The Antichrist unveiled, by Richard Bennett

The following comes from the e-newsletter of the Berean Beacon, the ministry of former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett: This weekend as droves of modern Evangelicals and Catholics together flood

Knowing the New Testament

Richard Barcellos has just completed a very helpful eight-part sermon series titled, "Knowing the New Testament". The interdependence of the NT books within the canon is highlighted as well the

Christian liberty, Particular Baptists, Anabaptists, and evolving Presbyterian views

As I’ve been slowly trying to work through some material concerning Baptist versus Presbyterian thought on the subject of church-state relations (or the nature of God’s two kingdoms), I've been

“And thus all Israel will be saved” (Romans 11:26)

In a previous post (The 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and Dispensationalism’s continued impact on theology and politics), I addressed some of the problems with what I believe to

On the praise of heretics: C.S. Lewis, anti-Darwinist and anti-Protestant

“Let me say it as kindly as I can: if justification by faith alone in the finished work of Christ is the heart of the Gospel message, then C.S. Lewis

Papist propaganda: “The infinite value of the Holy Mass”

It can, at times, be more than a little frustrating for the Christian to interact with a Roman Catholic over the official teachings of Romanism. I am sure I am

1689 federalism and the perpetuity of the moral law, part 3

In light of the arguments put forth in parts 1 and 2, I will offer some questions for consideration: (more…)

1689 federalism and the perpetuity of the moral law, part 2

In part 1, I attempted to show that the threefold division justifies the appeal to the natural/moral law of God on account of its transcendence over temporal covenants, being as

1689 federalism and the perpetuity of the moral law, part 1

The following series of posts do not intend to form an exhaustive treatment of the threefold division of the law and and the perpetuity of the Ten Commandments. They are

The 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and Dispensationalism’s continued impact on theology and politics

Previously, in “Continuity and discontinuity in the covenants”, I quoted Pascal Denault on the hermeneutical implications of covenant theology versus that of Dispensationalism. Dispensationalism fails to properly and consistently distinguish

Continuity and discontinuity in the covenants

In one of the best books I've ever read, Pascal Denault compares paedobaptist covenant theology with that of the seventeenth-century Baptists. (more…)

History no ally to old-earth creationism

Controversy of the Ages (2017) by Theodore J. Cabal and Peter J. Rasor II has been praised by various Christian scholars and displays some noteworthy endorsements. The book is, for

Satan bound and loosed

A recent conversation with some wise brethren brought to light a few of the difficulties with the binding and loosing of Satan (Revelation 20) within premillennial and amillennial eschatologies. I

Contending for the Faith

Below is a video featuring an excerpt from a sermon on Jude 1-4 by Pastor Ed Moore of North Shore Baptist Church in Bayside, NY.  (more…)

Recovering our Protestant heritage: Why Baptists should honor the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

“The loss of many Baptists to the cause of Protestantism is one reason why Rome has made such gains in the past century in the United States. It is [an]

A call to discernment: “You’ve lost That lovin’ feeling”, by Ed Moore

Excerpt from sermon entitled  “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” – Galatians 4:8-20 by Pastor Ed Moore of North Shore Baptist Church in Bayside Queens. (full sermon available here) (more…)

Christopher Columbus and papal proselytization

“Columbus was actuated by a desire to promote the interests of Romanism, when he traversed an unknown sea and discovered this Western World.”[1] (more…)

Book review: Debating the Text of the Word of God, Douglas Wilson vs. James R. White

In 2004, John Robbins and Sean Gerety wrote a rebuttal to Doug Wilson’s inconsistent and indefensible promulgation of the convoluted and very much “not reformed” Federal Vision theology. (more…)

Rome’s anathemas against those who believe in justification by faith alone

Protestants are often accused of being arrogant, intolerant Catholic-bashing bigots when we point out that Rome’s gospel, being as it is “another gospel” (Galatians 1:6-9), is a false and damnable

The man in Romans 7

Whether the Apostle Paul—speaking in the first person—is referring to himself as a regenerate man in Romans 7:14-25 or as yet his unregenerate state has historically been an area of

The sacrifice of the Mass and the blasphemous claims of of the Roman Catholic priesthood

I was first introduced to the work of John O’Brien when former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett gave a lecture on the Mass and quoted a small sample of O’Brien’s

A brief note on Dave Hunt’s attack on Particular Redemption as it relates to evangelism

“Paul could and did honestly say to everyone he met, ‘Christ died for you.’ In complete contrast, a book on biblical counseling that we have long recommended to readers declares,

Poison for the Mind: The Nation on CO2 and Global Warming, by E. Calvin Beisner

It is no secret that college campuses in general have become platforms for leftist propaganda and sinkholes of irrationality. A recent example of such irrationalism comes from University of Michigan

Justification by faith alone and the role of repentance: Interacting with an inverted soteriology

The doctrine of ‘justification by faith alone’ has been rightly regarded as a foundational tenet of Protestantism. Having been anathematized at the Council of Trent[1], it not only continues to

Rome’s evil doctrine of the Universal Destination of Goods, by Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews provides us with a series of articles and podcasts dealing with the current immigration controversy through the lense of Scripture. Steve is a Presbyterian and a scripturalist (following

Attacks on the Gospel’s exclusivity, by Mike Gendron

In light of the growing popularity of The Benedict Option and the evangelical intelligentsia's love for compromise and anti-Protestantism, we reproduce an article from Mike Gendron's most recent newsletter. Gendron leads

Feminizing Jesus: the continuing sissification of the Son of God

“…Effeminacy grows in the mainline churches. Rome has shown the way.”[1] On the same day when the radical leftists and “equality” obsessed feminists chose to “take a stand” (clearly oblivious

A vindication of reformed Baptists and their Protestant heritage

There is a tendency among many fundamentalist and reformed Baptists to want to distinguish themselves from “Protestantism” as a whole. Some Calvinistic Baptists—persuaded though they may be of God’s sovereign

Antichrist’s Ecumenical Endeavors, by Thomas Juodaitis

The following article by Thomas W. Juodaitis was first published in the September/October 2016 issue of the Trinity Review (pdf available here). On the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation,

To the Protestants I became as a Protestant…; Jerry Walls’ Jesuitical deception and the logical consequences of unlimited atonement

Jerry Walls is probably best known for his 2004 book with Joseph Dongell titled, Why I am not a Calvinist. He has since written a number of other books, and

Roman Catholic Endeavors to Overturn the Reformation, by Richard Bennett

The following is an article by former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett (above). Bennett's work has been a tremendous blessing to me, and his website is a storehouse of information

January 2017 Heretic of the Month: Joel Osteen

Joel Scott Osteen (1963-present) “Ministry” website: Joelosteen.com Approximate net worth: $40 million Notable achievements: Successfully paraded “prosperity” and self-help positive thinking as Christianity; Indoctrinated millions of goats into the ancient

J.C. Ryle: “No peace with Rome…”

“…The spurious liberality of the day we live in helps on the Romeward tendency. It is fashionable now to say that all sects should be equal, that all creeds should

Caricatures of Calvinism and the denial of depravity: A rebuttal to Dr. David Stone, part 2

In part 1, I addressed some of the concerns I had regarding Dr. Stone’s rejection of Total Depravity, praise of freewill, distortions of Calvinism, and other pelagian leanings found in

Caricatures of Calvinism and the denial of depravity: A rebuttal to Dr. David Stone, part 1

Recently, after reading my review of William R. Downing’s book, The Bible and the Problem of Knowledge published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ), a Dr. David Stone contacted

Arminianism, the back door to popery

During my 'non-Calvinist' days, having long been a staunch opponent of Rome and her heresies, when I stumbled upon a book titled Arminianism, the Back Door to Popery (Jonathan Warne) I

Genetic entropy and the Reconstructionists’ optimism

In a recent paper[1] published in the Journal of Creation, Alex Williams explains that genetic entropy has obvious implications not only for humanity’s alleged evolutionary past but for the sustainability

The Bible alone is the Word of God

“In these times, when liberality is the only popular virtue, and zeal for truth the cardinal sin, it is worth much to let the public know assuredly that Popery is not the angel of light it professes to be…. To see Romanism is to abhor it. It is a system which is as dangerous to human society, as it is hostile to true religion…. ‘No peace with Rome‘ is the motto of reason as well as of religion.”

-C.H. Spurgeon, The Sword and the Trowel (1873)

“Sir, any proposition for peace in religion deserves a Christian’s welcome; peace is beautiful, peace is lovely; but there must be purity before there can be peace. We must have no peace with error; we must have no peace with priestcraft; we must have no peace with superstition; we must have no peace with sacerdotal despotism. We must go forth and be at peace with each other, and at peace with God. To every member of the Church of Rome I pray Peace! Peace be upon them, and upon us, and upon the whole Israel of God! I pray peace upon one, I pray peace upon all. But while I have a nerve in this arm to raise it, while I have a voice in my tongue to speak it, while I have a throb in my heart to feel it, and while there is life in my veins, I shall say—Peace with all men, but No peace with Rome! Peace with every Roman Catholic, but no peace with the Church of Rome! Peace with all truth, but no peace with any error!”

-M. Hobart Seymour, Proceedings at a Meeting of the Guildford Protestant Association (1838)

For Christ’s sake, for the sake of the Church of England, for the sake of our country, for the sake of our children — let us not drift back to Roman Catholic ignorance, superstition, priestcraft and immorality! Our fathers tried Popery long ago, for centuries, and threw it off at last with disgust and indignation. Let us not turn the clock back and return to Egypt. Let us have No peace with Rome — until Rome abjures her errors, and is at peace with Christ. Until Rome does that, the vaunted reunion of Western churches, which some talk of, and press upon our notice, is an insult to Christianity.”

-J.C. Ryle, Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties and Roots (1879)

“At the Council of Trent, the Roman Church officially repudiated the doctrines that put salvation into the hands of God only. Rome chose free will and human merit. Luther and Calvin continued the apostolic teaching. In our present century of ignorance, one must insist that Luther as well as Calvin rejected the Pelagian-Romish-Arminian view of man. It was Erasmus, the man who drew back from the Reformation and made his peace with Rome, who defended free will.”

-Gordon H. Clark, Religion, Reason and Revelation (1961)

The encroachments of Romanism are plainly evident in the doctrinal downgrade, charismatic chicanery, and ecumenical evisceration of Truth so prevalent in contemporary evangelicalism. But the retreat to Rome is not confined to areas of soteriology. Some may even hold to the biblical gospel and yet be thoroughly romish in their political and economic theory, Thomistic in their epistemology, compromising in their protology, and/or Jesuitical in their eschatology. THE BIBLE ALONE IS THE WORD OF GOD, and as such, must be foundational to our thinking in every area. As we diligently seek to uphold the gospel of Jesus Christ and expose Rome’s false gospel as satan’s masterpiece, let us be sure to purge whatever residual romish influences remain within our worldview.

Semper Reformanda.

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